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Does my blog look good in this? January 2011: Winners!

Where has January gone? Flown by, and now it’s February 2nd…and I’m on Spanish time…late!

Time to announce the winners for this month’s DMBLGIT food photography contest. If this is the first time you’ve found see this, find all the info needed here.  It’s an excellent way for food photographers and food bloggers to showcase their scrumptious photos with the global foodie community.

An extra special thank you to my fellow judges- Peter, Jamie, Julia, Miriam, who found the time to go through all 56 entries here. It was a mouth watering task I tell you!

Congratulations in advance to all of the winners. But without further delay, here they are.

These overall winning photographs received the highest combined scores in all three categories

{edibility, originality, and aesthetics}

1st Place winner overall

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream from Karen @ citrusandcandy.com

2nd Place winner overall

Mint tea, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco from Edward @ edwardpond.com/blog

3rd Place winner overall

Spinach Feta Stuffed Pretzels from Xiaolu @ 6bittersweets.com

Winner – edibility  {…yum! }

Butterless Rum Fruit Cake from Sathya @ appetitetreats.blogspot.com

Winner – Originality

Ocean in the glass – prawn cocktail from Dario @ foodpixels.com

Winner – Esthetics

Cherry and almond tartlets from Patricia @ technicolorkitcheninenglish.blogspot.com

Thank you all! Next month’s host is Zita @ Simplicious

Have a beautiful day. Eat something sweet, and till soon xx. K.



  1. jennifer@nicolejanehome / Feb 15 2011

    Beautiful photos! Lots of talented foodies :)

  2. Umm Mymoonah / Feb 10 2011

    Congratulations to all the winners, the photographs looks amazing.

  3. SathyaSankar / Feb 7 2011

    Thank You katharine for hosting the event and the other judges. Iam very glad to be chosen as one of the winner. Congrats to all the winners !

  4. Soma / Feb 2 2011

    Congrats to all the winners! Lovely photographs. Katharine thank you for hosting!

  5. Janet Mendel / Feb 2 2011

    I concur! Karen’s Christmas pudding ice cream is ravishing. Looking at all the pictures is a great lesson in food photography. I’ll go back and look at some of the earlier contests. I’ve got a lot to learn about shooting food—

  6. Kathryn Grace / Feb 2 2011

    Congrats to the winners! All the photos are gorgeous!

  7. Congrats to all the winners and great job to all the entrants! It’s an honor to have been named one of the winners. Thanks for being a delightful host, Katherine, and thank you to the other judges!

  8. Congrats everybody, choosing the best photos was really difficult because there were many and a lot of very good shots! It was a pleasure to participate as a judge and thanks Katharine for hosting and for thinking I had the skills needed for such a task!

  9. With so many beautiful photos this month, I never ever expected to place at all so what a great surprise! Thank you so much Katharine for hosting and to the judges! It certainly made my night :)

  10. Patricia Scarpin / Feb 2 2011

    Thank you, Katharine, for hosting such a great event. I’m so glad to have been chosen as one of the winners! My thanks to the judges, too, and congratulations to the winners!

  11. Jamie / Feb 2 2011

    Thank you, Katharine, for hosting! Congratulations to all the winners! As a judge, I must say how difficult it all was! So many fabulous photos! Beautiful!

    • katharine / Feb 2 2011

      Thank YOU Jamie. It was hours and hours of mouth watering and excel spreadsheets! ;)

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